Cutting Ten


USD 35.00

A routine that goes on crescendo, in which the illusionist begins showing his ability to always cut in ten.

He starts by cutting into a group of cards and when he counts them everyone can check that there are exactly ten cards. He invites three spectators to try to cut in ten they make a cut each but the surprise appears when a pack of ten appears on top of each pack of cards, but that is only the beginning, the magician shows that they have not only cut into a ten but each one has a royal flush. The illusionist finishes showing that on top of his pile is the winning play, royal staircase greater than ace, 10, J, Q, K and Ace of spades. This seems the end, but the magician says that he has won a lot of money playing poker and then shows that the rest of the cards are made up of cards with currency symbols from different countries printed on their faces, (Euros, Dollars, pounds, etc. ).

It's a powerful routine, it works automatically, and it comes with explanations on DVD.