Daredevil Deck


USD 45.00 / USD 50.00

The magician says he has a great ability to memorize a completely mixed deck! He gives the deck to the spectator so that he mixes it thoroughly, extends it a few seconds face up and already has it memorized. And for greater impossibility and clarity blindfolds. Then he takes the deck and begins to separate the cards by colors (naming them high) placing them face up in two packages ... then separates them by suits ... and finally names the value and the suit of each card until the deck ends! !

An incredible effect in unbeatable conditions ... and also easy to perform !!

Designed by Henry Evans and developed by Card-Shark, they have created the "diabolical" and hallucinate Daredevil deck !!

  • • Does not require technique
  • • Nothing to memorize
  • • Professional effect for any level
  • • Includes explanatory DVD in English and the Daredevil deck made of Phoenix cards red back