Extreme Intuition


USD 950.00

Ideal for a Casino routine. It allows many possibilities. Example: 2 or 3 decks are mixed and placed in a sabot, a spectator begins to give cards from the sabot and the magician in very clear conditions, even with the blindfold he will manage to stop the spectator in the winning cards through intuition. You can find a poker of aces, a royal flush, a Black jack or simply 3 selected cards, depending on the effect you decide to perform.

The sabot is made of wood of excellent quality, design and finish, it can be seen from any angle without arousing suspicion that it has a hidden electronic system.

  • • A piece of electronic art that manages to work miracles for the public.
  • • You receive a special sabot, an electronic receiver, an external remote control and 13 special cards.
  • • The sabot can be examined.
  • • All letters are also examinable.
  • • It's a very practical game where you don't need a special table.
  • • Fully automatic.
  • • Does not require any special skills.
  • • Idea and effect of Henry Evans
  • • Made by Magic Brain