Opening Doors (3 DVDs)


USD 110.00

YES. CAN BE EXPLAINED "The game that has no explanation" the famous creation of Master Dai Vernon, finally explained in detail by one of the greatest exponents of our Art, Henry Evans. In these 3 DVDs you will find techniques shown in detail, performances, stratagems, theory and games used and created by Henry.

You will also learn the philosophy behind it: the way Henry conceives his miracles. You will see Henry do jazz magic in different environments: on the set of filming, behind the scenes, live shows, conferences and even at the Magic Castle.

“Opening Doors” does the impossible to show you and teach you something that is (almost) impossible to be told. You will see improvisations in real time; voiceover comments like those of the director in the movies; interviews; "step by step" explanations and more. MORE THAN 5 HOURS FROM HENRY EXPLAINING EVERYTHING. Henry is opening the doors to an infinite and incredible universe.

The DVDs are in SPANISH and dubbed into ENGLISH.