I always love magic

My first influence was my grandfather, Carlos Luis Garibotti who did magic very well, as a hobby. Unfortunately, he stopped belonging to this world when I was barely 3 and a half years old. Luckily my mother, Elena, had learned to the letter several of the games that my grandfather made, and served as a perfect incentive for me which greatly influenced the decision to dedicate my life to this art so exciting!

At 11 I started with my first steps. In 1982 I entered the Fu-Manchu magic school, Thyango being my teacher. I graduated in 1986 and continued learning with books and videos.

That same year I decided to attend a Magic Convention, in San Pablo, Brazil, with the full support of my parents, and with the excellent company of my aunt María Inés, and it was there that I began to understand the importance of attending everyone the magic events that were possible for me, and thus to learn from the great teachers ...

The following year I competed for the first time, and it was at FLASOMA 87, (convention organized by the Latin American Federation of Magical Societies in Argentina), where I won the 2nd prize.

At that time my stage name was Hernán, my real name. In 1990, my friend, Mariano Colosimo, suggested Henry Evans and told me that he had thought about joining the names of 2 film artists: Henry for "Henry Ford" and Evans for "Linda Evans", and I really liked it and since then Henry Evans is my stage name.

That same year, I traveled to Spain and had the honor of meeting in person, and more deeply, one of the great stars of magic, Mr. Juan Tamariz, with whom I had the privilege of meeting with his study group repeatedly and So learn from your great experience.

In 1992 I attended the FLASOMA, (Latin American Congress of Magic) held in Bogotá - Colombia, competed on behalf of Argentina, obtaining First Prize in Cartomagia.

Then came 2 very good years, a lot of learning and experience since I was summoned on Channel 9 in the Great Values ​​program conducted by Silvio Soldán, and also on Happy Sunday, to perform a weekly performance.

There, the artistic personality that one is looking for taking responsibility gradually began to form, and at the same time the great opportunity to have to think, design, create, compose a different routine every week.

A little later came invitations to TV shows, such as Having Lunch with Mirta Legrand, and Hola Susana, with Susana Giménez, in which I made some effects as a guest on both programs.

In 1994, in the World Cup of Magic (FISM in Japan) I returned to compete representing Argentina, and won the third prize in Cartomagia.

In 1995 I had my great theatrical challenge, a proposal that I loved to make, the great opportunity to share the stage with the Camerata Bariloche at the Luna Park stadium, where for the first time I had to work with musicians, actors, with Artistic Director, Screenwriter , learning the theatrical vocabulary that enriches so much.

There we present "La magia de la Camerata Bariloche", a show combining magic and music with a common thread where the transformation of the clothes of all musicians in sight (from informal clothes to Frac), The appearance of Mozart, while the orchestra performed "The little nocturnal serenade", a self-levitation, where I levitated and disappeared, reappearing among the audience, and also comedy magic with the string of a violin where I explained to the public through an effect, What happens if a rope breaks, cutting it and recomposing it in sight. The show had its original ending when he invited them to tour with me, and there the 15 musicians all entered, magically, with their instruments, inside a small suitcase.

There at Luna Park, I learned how important it is to work in a team, with the magical direction in that show, of the great magician and friend Doctor Willy, and the immense collaboration of another great magician and friend, Tony Montana, who collaborated as an assistant in the show, and also in the staging, and fabrication of the great illusions !!!

That same year in 1995, I received the Magician of the Year, distinction from the Entidad Magica Argentina (society to which I belong) .

In 2000 I returned to the stage of the competition, with thirty years of age, I achieved in Lisbon Portugal the dream of obtaining the world magic championship, (The first place in Cartomagia FISM 2000).

Also in 2000 I received the Magician of the Year award from the Entidad Magica Argentina

There began a beautiful stage, where I was invited as a speaker in several countries where I had the great opportunity to meet extraordinary people and learn from many artists, and see my idols up close, traveling around the world sharing incredible, and exciting experiences that They always accompany me in my best memories. !!!

At that stage the teamwork was also important, and I started traveling with Pablo Kusnetzoff (Magician friend) who speaks English very well, and he worked as a translator when I still didn't know the language. He was also a great collaborator in the direction of my show in those years of much learning.

Then came the enormous opportunity to present myself at the Magic Castle of Hollywood, which is the dream place for every magician, where I was invited to perform for a week, my act of magic closely, an exciting experience and that will be unforgettable.

In 2002, I was invited to the 4F convention in Batavia, New York, which is a convention that gained its prestige over the years, since to enter you have to be a FISM winner, or you can attend by invitation only, and where everyone must do an act, and in the end, the same magicians who are present, vote for the best act of that year. That first time I received the MVP which is the voting prize of the colleagues present. That was also a memorable moment for me in my career.

Another of my biggest challenges was the recording of my first DVDs with the LyL Publishing firm, where I recorded in Reno Nevada, near Las Vegas more than 30 routines in English, (own games), were my first explanatory magic DVDs, with an international advertising support from this incredible company!!!

In 2008, in the first edition of The Magic Awards in Argentina, I was awarded the Wizard of the Year Award.

In 2009 I was summoned to give my new conference at the FISM magic world cup in Beijing (China).

That same year at the FFFF convention in Batavia New York, I was the guest of Honor, Guest of Honor, which is a recognition that artists make in life, for their work, coming out on the cover of Linking Ring Magazine, which is one of the most prestigious magazines of world magic, in April 2009.

Then there were also invitations to TV programs in other countries: On the Chilean National television, Pe a Pa program, and on Spanish television, Nothing for here, and in Asia in Tokyo Japan, on Nipon Television, participate in a Magic special with Max Maven and Lennart Green among others, and then I was invited to make 2 TV specials in Seoul, Korea, on the Eun Geol Lee show !!!

My last appearance in World Tournament Competition took place in 2012, when I was invited to the Magic Carnival convention in Beijing to compete in the FISM world championship championship, where they invited 12 FISM champions magicians of different years, to compete, giving as first, second and third prize, the gold, silver, and bronze awards, and there I obtained the first prize.

In 2012 I was invited to join the jury in the FISM World Magic competition in Blackpool England, in close magic.

In 2014 I was invited as a jury in competitions at IBM / SAM in North America, and also at FISM Asia in South Korea.

October of that same year I was invited to give a workshop at the official University of Magic in Korea, Busan, and I had the great opportunity to meet his students, teachers, managers, and learn from his philosophy of study. I was very rich, seeing the enormous responsibility with which our art is taken, something that is reflected in each awards ceremony and especially in the last world of magic.

Also in Spain I was invited to teach at the University of Magic of María Cristina in "El Escorial", and I lived there the same passion, from the managers, to the teachers and students, who dedicate the whole day to learning, not only technique, but also history, and living together, as they say, that in a nutshell means sharing hours and hours of friendship, and a lot of learning.

In December 2014 I was invited to Tokyo Japan as an advisor to the magician Cyril Takayama of Japan who asked me for permission and advice for a game of my creation to be able to perform it in theaters in Asia.

In February 2015 I was invited as a competition jury at the FLASOMA of Uruguay (Latin American Congress of Magic).

In July 2015 I was invited as a member of the jury in the FISM world magic competition in Rimini, Italy; in which together with Cyril Takayama (Japan) we perform a duet routine at the final World Cup Gala: “An unforgettable moment in my career”.

In February 2017 I was hired by the FLASOMA / FISM Latinoamericano in Argentina for the Close up Gala and workshop for Wizards held at the Avenida theater in Buenos Aires. In April of that same year I was at the convention of the FFFF as a presenter, MC and as an artist at the FISM Winners gala.

By December 2017, I was elected Vice President of the Entidad Magica Argentina (EMA).

In June 2018 I made a tour of shows in Japan with Shoot Ogawa, Mac King, Yu Ho Jin, Simon Colonel. In July 2018 I was hired as a speaker at the Busan FISM in Korea.

In next February of 2019, I am one of the Artist confirmed for the "Blackpool Convention - England".


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