Magic Shows

Henry Evans is an Illusionist with extensive experience

Currently he performs shows at social and corporate events, with a very personal style and a great creative component.

His sympathy makes immediate contact with the public immediately established. His performance is totally recommended for all kinds of events, being his main characteristic, respect, cordiality, and good treatment. Henry evans has had the pleasure of traveling showing his act in more than 40 countries !!! The cost of your show is very accessible !!!

The effects are very varied, although the dynamics and style are always maintained, the routines vary according to the conditions of the place, and adapt to each particular event.

All done with sympathy, and good humor, with public participation, creating a very comfortable, and memorable atmosphere!

In all cases Henry offers the possibility of performing his show in Spanish and English.

Close Up in Social Events

This is a show planned for a birthday, family dinner, or business, where the public should not exceed 30 people.

It is very impressive to see magic up close, at all times there are fun situations, and the magic of impact is more present than ever, given the conditions of the closeness of the spectators in this show. The duration is 40 minutes.

Henry makes very visual effects, with the participation of the public, which includes part of the Routine with which he was consecrated World Cartomagia Champion in Lisbon in the year 2000.

Not only does he work with cards, among several effects of his creation, he performs in this show format, "Lentidigitation with coins", which is an 8-minute musical act, where all the effects, trips, transformations, color changes and The size of several currencies, they happen at an extremely slow speed, and 2 centimeters from sight, creating, with silence and music, an atmosphere, and a very particular atmosphere.

It is a very artistic act, which translates in the end into great applause from the public .....

The best compliment that Henry Evans receives in each performance, comes, when after the end of his show, the public continues talking about what they felt, experienced, and lived during those 40 minutes!

Close Up in Reception Show

This is an ideal show for receptions at Marriages, 15th birthday, Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah. Depending on the number of guests, they are the number of magicians who will work at the reception.

As a reference, at a party of 100 people we suggest 2 magicians who walk among the public performing magic effects at a very short distance.

It is the ideal show for a reception, as people who want to see it see it, and those who want to talk can do so without any inconvenience.

The magicians are trained and very respectful.

Stage Magic Show

This is a show designed for a number of audiences between 30 and 120 spectators.

Here there are more visual effects, which also include sequences of mentalism, divinations of what some viewer is thinking, (which always has a tremendous impact on the public). And among many other effects, there is an effect of collective suggestion with 5 women and a lot of humor).

This show has different emotions throughout the 40 minutes.

At the close of the show, Henry presents an exclusive routine, with the help of more than 10 spectators on stage, who are each given a deck of cards (larger than a conventional deck, so that everything looks good on stage), where Henry showed them, as, without ever touching the cards, he can control the cards in the spectators' own hands, (cards examined and mixed by themselves), demonstrating that he could thus win in a way casino...

The end of this effect is extremely surprising and is an end that involves all the spectators who are participating.

This effect of its creation, the premiere in Madrid, Spain, two years ago, and from that moment, due to the good reaction of the public, is the headline of its show on stage.

Creative Magic for Companies

We work on the design of a custom effect or illusion, enhancing the main features and virtues of the product !!!

Here we offer the service of creating a unique act.

This requires a meeting, or prior interview.

Companies that trusted us:

Magic in Theater

It is possible to hire Henry Evans for both a 20-minute show, to be part of a theatrical show, as well as his one-hour and thirty-minute one-person show.

Among the options, there is also a theatrical show that Henry performs with 2 other high-level illusionists, with whom he performs shows, seasons, etc. with good frequency.


Interviews to TV programs, invitations to programs, Henry also has events designed specifically for television, such as the programs he has made in recent years on TV in Argentina, Spain, Japan, China, and Korea.


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